Nearby Attractions

Leave the city behind for a 60 min drive from Pretoria and 90 min from Johannesburg

  • Sun City - 29 KM
  • Pilaansberg Game Reserve - 29KM
  • Royal Bafokeng Stadium 22 KM (2010) soccer.
  • Boshoek - 12 KM (where you?ll find a supermarket, petrol stations, butchery and post office)
  • Rustenburg - 42 KM (lovely Waterfall-mall with many restaurants and shops to choose from)
  • Lindleyspoort Dam - 35.0 km




Sun City 29.0 km

Royal Bafokeng Soccer Stadium 24.0 km

29km from suncity

Royal bafokeng soccer staduim 24km from Amritz

Pilaansberg Game Reserve 24.0 km

Lindleyspoort Dam 35.0 km

Pilaansberg Game reserve 24km from Amritz

Lindleyspoort Dam 35 km from Amritz


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